Welcome to the Fairbairn Cup

The Fairbairn Cup is a head race organised by Jesus College Boat Club and raced on the Cam in the ninth week of the Michaelmas term. There are divisions for both novice and senior crews.

On this site you will find information about the races including marshalling instructions and the Rules and Regulations, as well as results and information regarding entries.

The Fairbairns Cup will take place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th December 2014.

Entries are now OPEN

Jack Ellis
JCBC Fairbairns Secretary 2014

Photographs of the races are available from Jet Photographic.

Update on river blockages

5 December 2013

Coaches are advised that the tree blocking the towpath has now been cleared, but there is still a fallen tree near Riverside footbridge, around the same size as the fallen tree that was in the same area earlier this term.

Novices raced through the gap in windy conditions today so we anticipate that racing should be able to go ahead as normal tomorrow. The obstruction means that it is crucial that crews follow the rules and don't overtake before Chesterton. We're trying to get the tree removed and the start marshals will be giving slightly longer gaps to ensure racing is unaffected.

Weather conditions (update)

5 December 2013

Racing for the Novice Lower Boats division (3) was suspended this afternoon due to high-wind conditions leading to a fallen tree on the course by Riverside. Coaches are also advised that there is currently a tree blocking the towpath on Grassy Corner. Attempts are being made to clear the tree at Riverside from the course this evening to allow for racing to take place. Crews are advised to check this website for further details later this evening.

Weather Conditions

5 December 2013

The committee advises crews that there are currently strong tailwind conditions affecting racing. Racing is continuing, but coaches are asked to brief their crews about the conditions, and where possible providing warm clothing for their crews after their race.

Race numbers

4 December 2013

You can pick up your race numbers from Jesus Boathouse from 8am onwards.

Weather conditions

4 December 2013

Racing tomorrow will be going ahead, unless stated otherwise.

We will assess in the morning.

If racing is abandoned, we will post a notice saying so on the website here.

Best of luck to all racing!

Division Times

25 November 2013


Men's Novice VIII's - 9:15

Women's Novice VIII's - 11:30

Men's/Womens Novice VIII's - 14:00


Men's Senior VIII's - 9:30

Women's Senior VIII's - 12:00

Men's/Women's Senior IV's - 14:15

Arrive at the marshaling area (Between the fort St. George and Jesus lock) 30 minutes before your division if you are in the top half, and 20 minutes for everyone else.

Final results up.

3 December 2012

Final results are now up.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners. Thank you all for helping the races go smoothly. I hope you had a good race!

Awards Presentation

30 November 2012

The awards for the fastest crews will be presented outside Jesus BH at 5:00. Results to be published at the conclusion of racing, and will be posted on the website and be available at the boathouse.

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