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Welcome to the website for Jesus College Boat Club, Cambridge. The boat club of Jesus College, Cambridge was founded in 1827. Rowing has a long and proud history at Jesus and it is is one of Cambridge's largest and most successful clubs.

You'll find information about the club, the college crews and results here as well as the Fairbairn Cup races for novice and senior crews at the end of the Michaelmas Term.

Lent Bumps 2011


The Lent Bumps 2011 took place Tuesday 1st to Saturday 5th March. JCBC will represented by 4 men's crews and 2 women's crews (and also a 5th men's crew which unfortunately did not get on).

M1 Got bumped Got bumped Rowover Rowover Starting 6th in Division 1
Bumped by Queens', Trinity Hall
M2 Rowover Got bumped Bumped Bumped Starting 9th in Division 2
Bumped by Wolfson. Bumped Wolfson, Lady Margaret II
M3 Got bumped Got bumped Bumped Got bumped Starting 9th in Division 3
Bumped by Clare II, King's II. Bumped King's II. Bumped by Kings II
M4 Got bumped Got bumped Got bumped Got bumped Starting 14th in Division 4
Bumped by Trinity Hall IIi, St. Catharine's III, Hughes Hall II, Magdalene III
W1 Rowover Rowover Got bumped Rowover Starting 6th in Division 1
Bumped by Queens'
W2 Got bumped Rowover Got bumped Rowover Starting 6th in Division 2
Bumped by Murray Edwards, Fitzwilliam
Got bumped
Got bumped
Got overbumped
Got overbumped

» CUCBC Lent Bumps
» Full Results

Emma Sprints 2010

Emma Sprints 2010 took place on Sunday 21st November with some positive results for the Jesus novices during their first taste of real (i.e. on-river) racing, particularly for NM1 who came second out of the men's crews and of course NW1 who demonstrated that they are not only the fastest crew on the ergs at Queens' Ergs last week, but on the water too!

Queens' Ergs 2010

With 5 men’s teams and 3 women’s teams, JCBC’s Novice squad was the best represented of all colleges (including Queens) at Queens Ergs this year. Great team spirit and a lot of effort ensured that the Jesus results were equally as impressive as the turnout.

W1 won the women’s competition with an avg. split of 1:50.7 seconds, completing the 8x500m race 13.6 seconds faster than the runners up! M1 came an agonising second, with an avg. split of 1:30.7 seconds they were just 1second per man behind winners Churchill. Nick Parkes of Jesus NM1 also recorded the fastest individual men’s time of the event.

Postgraduates' Summer Rowing Programme


Jesus College Boat Club is opening its doors over the summer break to all Postgrads in college. This is a perfect opportunity to try a new sport, enjoy the sunshine and receive coaching from the college Head Coach, Mark Beer.

This programme is open to novice and experienced rowers alike.

Henley Royal Regatta Spare Pairs Race 2010


On the morning of Tuesday 29th June, Jesus College Boat Club ran the Spare Pairs race at Henley Royal Regatta for the spare pairs of squads competing in the Regatta.

Congratulations to Goldie A (Wood/Brown) for winning this year's race.

» JCBC Spare Pairs Race

May Bumps 2010


The May Bumps 2010 took place Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th June. This year, JCBC was represented by five men's and three women's VIIIs. JCBC crew lists are available here.

Results for the Jesus crews are available here. You may also wish to read some race reports from the crews.

Peterborough Regatta 2010

On Saturday 5th June, five members of M2 competed in a coxed four and a pair at the Peterborough Regatta, a 1000m four-lane race.

The IM3 coxed four won both their heat and semi-final, but unfortunately had a bad row in the final and came fourth overall. The pair qualified for the final, coming second in their heat then after a close race, came second in the final.

JCBC Committee 2010-11


The JCBC Committee for the 2010-11 academic year was elected on Sunday 9th May.

Men's Captain and President Alex Thomson
Women's Captain Helen Smith
Men's Vice Captain Matt Wagner
Women's Vice Captain Jenny Thompson
Men's Lower Boats Captains Steve Eddison and Chris Hannaby
Women's Lower Boats Captains Myra Laurenson
Men's Secretary Ricardo Herreros-Symons
Women's Secretary (position vacant)
Treasurer Henry Hughes
Fairbairns Secretary Stuart Scott

The new committee will take office on the first day of Henley Royal Regatta.

JCBC Elections and Trust Barbecue


The elections for the 2010-11 JCBC Committee will take place at 11am, Sunday 9th May at the Boathouse. All members are encouraged to come along and vote for next year's committee.

This will be followed by the annual JCBC Trust Barbecue at 12:30, also at the Boathouse and open to all members. The new boats (the Janousek Four and the Pairs) will be named in a ceremony at the same time.

JCBC victorious in Small Boats Regatta

JCBC entered a number of crews into the start-of-term Small Boats Regatta with good performances all round. Jenny Thompson made it to the semi-final of Maiden Sculls and Ro Bradbury won both the Delafield Championship Sculls and the mixed category of Lowe Double Sculls (with Peter Ford of FaT).

Alex Thomson and Henry Hughes made the best of their training in the pair over Easter and won the Foster-Fairbairn Pairs event, meaning that Jesus has now won the event two years running.

Well done to all those who entered, especially those who won!

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