Welcome to the Fairbairn Cup

The Fairbairn Cup is a head race organised by Jesus College Boat Club and raced on the Cam in the ninth week of the Michaelmas term. There are divisions for both novice and senior crews.

On this site you will find information about the races including marshalling instructions and the Rules and Regulations, as well as results and information regarding entries.

Welcome to the Fairbairn Cup 2017!

JCBC welcomed crews both from Cambridge and elsewhere around the UK to the 2016 Fairbairn Cup - We look forward to doing so again in 2017.

As has been for the past two years, individual shields will be awarded as prizes to all winners in both the Women's and Men's divisions of all the following categories: Senior 1st VIII+, Senior 2nd VIII+, Invitational VIII+, Novice 1st VIII+, Novice 2nd VIII+, Senior 1st IV+, Invitational IV+

Charlotte Jackson
JCBC Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2017

Photographs of the races are available from Jet Photographic.

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1 December 2016

The presentation for The Fairbairn Cup 2016 will be held at 5pm on Friday in Jesus boathouse


1 December 2016

Provisional results will be shown here:

Provisional Results

Coxes' Meeting Tonight

20 November 2016

The Fairbairns Coxes' Meeting is tonight - directly after the Clare Novices Meeting

Riley Auditorium

Memorial Court

Clare College

7:30pm (Fairbairns meeting to start 8:00ish)

I will be taking a register of all clubs entering novice coxes!


Details For Bank Transfer

14 November 2016

If you would rather pay by bank transfer than cheque, then the details are as follows:

Jesus College Boat Club



Please also remember to sign and return your disclaimers to me!


Entries Closing Soon!

12 November 2016

The deadline for entries for The Fairbairn Cup 2016 is Thursday 17th November!

The deadline for payment will be Friday 25th November!

Division Times:

Thursday 1st December:

Men's Novice VIIIs - 09:15

Women's Novice VIIIs - 11:30

Men's and Women's Novice VIIIs - 13:45

Friday 2nd December:

Men's Senior VIIIs - 09:30

Women's Senior VIIIs & Invitational VIIIs - 11:45

Senior IVs - 14:00

If you have any queries regarding the regatta, especially regarding entries, please do not hesitate to contact me at jcbc-fairbairns@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

Good luck!

Tom Wordsworth

Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2016

Entries Now Open & Rule Changes For 2016

24 October 2016

Entries are now open for The Fairbairn Cup 2016!

The regatta will be held on 1st and 2nd December on the River Cam, Cambridge.

If you have any queries regarding the regatta, especially regarding entries, please do not hesitate to contact me at jcbc-fairbairns@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

Also, please familiarise yourselves with the two new rules for this year:

3f. Any colleges wishing to enter as a composite crew may do so for time-only. The only exceptions to this will be those colleges which would normally compete as composite in CUCBC races.

14e. In novice divisions, crews from the same club will be ordered by time and not by the crew ranks given, except in the case of major obstruction during the race. For example, in the case where NM2 beats NM1 then NM2 will be treated as NM1 and will no longer be eligible to win the NM2 division, and vice versa.

NB: In the case of any discrepancies between the webpage rules and the document, the document should be taken as correct.

Good luck!

Tom Wordsworth

Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2016

Provisional Results

3 December 2015

Provisional results are available to view at the following link: here Any queries regarding results should be made to the Fairbairn's Secretary Ben Gallant either in person at Jesus Boathouse or by email jcbc-fairbairns@jesus.cam.ac.uk

Division Times for the Fairbairn Cup 2015

24 November 2015

The provisional division times for the regatta are below. All crews must be in their marshalling position, based on their race number, by no later than 20 minutes before the start time for each division, and 30 minutes before for crews in the first 10 boats of a division. Crews are reminded that the marshalling zone becomes heavily congested in the run up to all divisions and are requested to both allow time for this and to be courteous to crews around them when marshalling.

Thursday - Novice Regatta

Men's Upper Boats - 9:15am start

Women's Upper boats - 11:30am start

Women's and Men's mixed Lower Boats - 1:45pm start

Friday - Senior regatta

Men's Upper Boats - 9:30am start

Women's Upper boats - 11:45am start

Women's and Men's mixed IV+'s - 2:00pm start

These division times are subject to change, although any changes will be minor (15 minutes either way)


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