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Bank details

8 November 2017

Details for bank transfer are as follows: Your Reference: [Your College]Fairbairns (e.g. JesusFairbairns) Jesus College Boat Club Sort Code: 30-91-56 Account number: 00538948 Keep the entries coming in, the deadline is a week today (Thursday 16th November)

Fairbairn Cup 2017 - Entries now open!

27 October 2017

Entries are now open for The Fairbairn Cup 2017, Cambridge.

The races will take place on:

Thursday 30th November:

09:15 Men’s Novice VIIIs

11:30 Women's Novice VIIIs

14:00 Men's/Women's Novice VIIIs (Lower Boats)

Friday 1st December:

09:30 Men’s VIIIs

12:00 Women's VIIIs and Invitational VIIIs

14:15 Senior/Invitational IVs

Entry fees are £60 for an VIII and £36 for a IV. The entry deadline is Thursday 16th November, and payment deadline Friday 24th November.

If you have any queries regarding the regatta, especially regarding entries, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Good Luck!

Charlotte Jackson

Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2017


1 December 2016

The presentation for The Fairbairn Cup 2016 will be held at 5pm on Friday in Jesus boathouse


1 December 2016

Provisional results will be shown here:

Provisional Results

Coxes' Meeting Tonight

20 November 2016

The Fairbairns Coxes' Meeting is tonight - directly after the Clare Novices Meeting

Riley Auditorium

Memorial Court

Clare College

7:30pm (Fairbairns meeting to start 8:00ish)

I will be taking a register of all clubs entering novice coxes!


Details For Bank Transfer

14 November 2016

If you would rather pay by bank transfer than cheque, then the details are as follows:

Jesus College Boat Club



Please also remember to sign and return your disclaimers to me!


Entries Closing Soon!

12 November 2016

The deadline for entries for The Fairbairn Cup 2016 is Thursday 17th November!

The deadline for payment will be Friday 25th November!

Division Times:

Thursday 1st December:

Men's Novice VIIIs - 09:15

Women's Novice VIIIs - 11:30

Men's and Women's Novice VIIIs - 13:45

Friday 2nd December:

Men's Senior VIIIs - 09:30

Women's Senior VIIIs & Invitational VIIIs - 11:45

Senior IVs - 14:00

If you have any queries regarding the regatta, especially regarding entries, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Good luck!

Tom Wordsworth

Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2016

Entries Now Open & Rule Changes For 2016

24 October 2016

Entries are now open for The Fairbairn Cup 2016!

The regatta will be held on 1st and 2nd December on the River Cam, Cambridge.

If you have any queries regarding the regatta, especially regarding entries, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Also, please familiarise yourselves with the two new rules for this year:

3f. Any colleges wishing to enter as a composite crew may do so for time-only. The only exceptions to this will be those colleges which would normally compete as composite in CUCBC races.

14e. In novice divisions, crews from the same club will be ordered by time and not by the crew ranks given, except in the case of major obstruction during the race. For example, in the case where NM2 beats NM1 then NM2 will be treated as NM1 and will no longer be eligible to win the NM2 division, and vice versa.

NB: In the case of any discrepancies between the webpage rules and the document, the document should be taken as correct.

Good luck!

Tom Wordsworth

Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2016

Provisional Results

3 December 2015

Provisional results are available to view at the following link: here Any queries regarding results should be made to the Fairbairn's Secretary Ben Gallant either in person at Jesus Boathouse or by email

Division Times for the Fairbairn Cup 2015

24 November 2015

The provisional division times for the regatta are below. All crews must be in their marshalling position, based on their race number, by no later than 20 minutes before the start time for each division, and 30 minutes before for crews in the first 10 boats of a division. Crews are reminded that the marshalling zone becomes heavily congested in the run up to all divisions and are requested to both allow time for this and to be courteous to crews around them when marshalling.

Thursday - Novice Regatta

Men's Upper Boats - 9:15am start

Women's Upper boats - 11:30am start

Women's and Men's mixed Lower Boats - 1:45pm start

Friday - Senior regatta

Men's Upper Boats - 9:30am start

Women's Upper boats - 11:45am start

Women's and Men's mixed IV+'s - 2:00pm start

These division times are subject to change, although any changes will be minor (15 minutes either way)


Payment for Fairbairns

5 November 2015

Normally payment for entry into the Fairbairn Cup is by cheque, however, for many it is much more convenient to pay via bank transfer. With this in mind, the bank details you require are:

Sort Code: 30-91-56

Account Number: 00538948

Please email me when you have done this so I can check with the treasurer and update the payment status on the website.

Also, please note that you are still required to send me the disclaimer signed by your captain.

Getting entering!


Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2015

Entries for 2015 Fairbairn Cup now open!

20 October 2015

The entries are now live for entries to the Fairbairn Cup 2015. The regatta will be held on 3rd and 4th December on the River Cam, Cambridge. If you have any questions/requests regarding the regatta, especially regarding entries, please do not hesitate to contact me at See you all soon! Ben Gallant JCBC Fairbain Cup Secretary 2015

Provisional Start Order

28 November 2014

The provisional start order has been released.

Crews will be set off at 30 second intervals, crews can request an increased time gap in front (or behind) them if they believe, with justification, that 30 seconds is insufficient.

There have been many requests for division changes due to boat sharing and other issues, please get in touch if a mistake has been made or something has been missed.

This start order is subject to change, though crews will not be moved into a different division, unless they request this.

Division Times Confirmation

23 November 2014

Below are the division times for the races. The provisional start order will be released after the payment deadline, which is this Thursday.


Men's Novice VIII's - 9:15

Women's Novice VIII's - 11:30

Men's/Womens Novice VIII's - 14:00 (lower divisions)


Men's Senior VIII's - 9:30

Women's Senior VIII's - 12:00

Men's/Women's Senior IV's - 14:15

The first 10 crews must be within the Start Marshalling Area 30 minutes before the division's start time, and all other crews 20 minutes before the start time.

Update on river blockages

5 December 2013

Coaches are advised that the tree blocking the towpath has now been cleared, but there is still a fallen tree near Riverside footbridge, around the same size as the fallen tree that was in the same area earlier this term.

Novices raced through the gap in windy conditions today so we anticipate that racing should be able to go ahead as normal tomorrow. The obstruction means that it is crucial that crews follow the rules and don't overtake before Chesterton. We're trying to get the tree removed and the start marshals will be giving slightly longer gaps to ensure racing is unaffected.

Weather conditions (update)

5 December 2013

Racing for the Novice Lower Boats division (3) was suspended this afternoon due to high-wind conditions leading to a fallen tree on the course by Riverside. Coaches are also advised that there is currently a tree blocking the towpath on Grassy Corner. Attempts are being made to clear the tree at Riverside from the course this evening to allow for racing to take place. Crews are advised to check this website for further details later this evening.

Weather Conditions

5 December 2013

The committee advises crews that there are currently strong tailwind conditions affecting racing. Racing is continuing, but coaches are asked to brief their crews about the conditions, and where possible providing warm clothing for their crews after their race.

Race numbers

4 December 2013

You can pick up your race numbers from Jesus Boathouse from 8am onwards.

Weather conditions

4 December 2013

Racing tomorrow will be going ahead, unless stated otherwise.

We will assess in the morning.

If racing is abandoned, we will post a notice saying so on the website here.

Best of luck to all racing!

Division Times

25 November 2013


Men's Novice VIII's - 9:15

Women's Novice VIII's - 11:30

Men's/Womens Novice VIII's - 14:00


Men's Senior VIII's - 9:30

Women's Senior VIII's - 12:00

Men's/Women's Senior IV's - 14:15

Arrive at the marshaling area (Between the fort St. George and Jesus lock) 30 minutes before your division if you are in the top half, and 20 minutes for everyone else.

Final results up.

3 December 2012

Final results are now up.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners. Thank you all for helping the races go smoothly. I hope you had a good race!

Awards Presentation

30 November 2012

The awards for the fastest crews will be presented outside Jesus BH at 5:00. Results to be published at the conclusion of racing, and will be posted on the website and be available at the boathouse.

Race is going ahead as planned

29 November 2012

The river has dropped to a reasonable level so we are going ahead with the race. All coaches and bank parties be aware that the stream is still quite fast. Novice boats should take extreme cation around the marshaling areas.

We are changing the marshaling slightly. All colleges with boatclubs Upstream of Jesus Boathouse will marshal directly from hard to the start line. This will relieve traffic pressure around Jesus lock, where all colleges downstream of Jesus boathouse will proceed with the marshaling circulation as normal.

Start Order Published

28 November 2012

The start order for the Fairbairn Cup Races has been published.

River Conditions

26 November 2012

The river has been extremely high recently and the stream very fast. If the conditions stay the same as they are, marshaling will be made difficult, so if this is the case, I will have to make changes to the start and finish marshalling. Most likely, it will involve a moving of the finishline upstream. More information will be released closer to the time.

Division Timings

15 November 2012

The timings for this years races are:

Thursday 29th:

9:15 - Men's Novice VIIIs Div 1

11:30 - Women's Novice VIIIs Div 1

14:00 - Men's and Womens Novice VIIIs Div 2

Friday 30th:

10:00 - Men's Senior VIIIs

12:00 - Women's Senior VIIIs

14:15 - Men's and Women's Senior IVs

Entries open 2012

30 October 2012

The entries for this year's Fairbairn Cup races are open.

Deadline for entries is Thursday the 15th of November

Deadline for payment is Thursday the 22nd of November

Price for an VIII= £47 and for a IV= £36

Send cheques payable to 'Jesus College Boat Club' to Sam Bray at Jesus college.

Final Senior Results

5 December 2011

The senior results are now finalised, and the halfway times are up. As for the novice divisions, a list of hold-ups/incidents follows:

Impeded Crews:
284 - Clare M2 - Held up by Churchill II not conceding the racing line through Ditton and Grassy.
289 - Jesus M1 (OXF) - Sidney Sussex II failed to concede the line in the Gut, forcing Jesus (OXF) into the bank. Their blades made contact with the bank, but they did not crash.
357 - Champs W2 - Held up by Addenbrookes W1.

305 & 306 - Emma W1 & Champs W1 - Blade clashing through Ditton and Grassy caused a crab in Emma W1 that necessitated a re-start. Champs did move over when asked, but not enough to allow a clean overtake. Emma W1 were impeded more than Champs, who were the slower crew and should have done more to concede.
334 & 335 - Pembroke W1 and Queen's W1 - Pembroke were catching Queen's at the end of the reach. After Ditton Queen's could not clear the racing line because Pembroke already had overlap. The overlap increased along Plough reach, Queen's took a tight line around Grassy (they could not go wide because of the overlap). Pembroke also attempted a tight line, and crashed into Queen's. Pembroke could have steered wider to avoid this, which would have been considerably safer for both crews. Both crews were impeded by this. Queen's could have anticipated the problem and conceded on Plough reach.

Notable mentions/Marshal's comments:
255 - Pembroke (OXF) M1 - This crew had a halfway time 2.8 seconds faster than Caius, and finished 8.5 seconds behind them. A minor crash in the Gut probably cost them the race.
360 - Newnham W2 - Quote from marshal's report: "Intoxicated cox? Failed to corner. Were overtaken..."

Time bonuses:
390 - Peterhouse W1 IV+ - Held up by slower crew despite increased start gap - 5 second time bonus.

Time Penalties:
281 - Churchill M2 - Not conceding the racing line through Ditton and Grassy, holding up clare M2 - 5 seconds
283 - Sidney Sussex M2 - Not conceding the racing line in the Gut, almost causing Jesus (OXF) to crash - 5 seconds

Novice Division Videos

3 December 2011

Videos of the novice divisions starting the races kindly provided by Girton boat club.

Only the men's division at the moment, but I gather women will be up there shortly.

Thanks very much guys - good work!

Novice Results

1 December 2011

Firstly, I'd like to thank all participants for helping today run as smoothly as it did. There were a few mishaps, but that's all part of the fun of novice racing! Noone was injured, so I'm happy.

Novice Results are now available.

As per this years change to rules 7.c and 13.e, crews that did not request an increased time gap in advance of the races and were held up have not received time bonuses. The only crew to receive a time bonus was LMBC NM4, who were granted a time bonus, but were still held up.

Minor obstructions (no time bonus awarded):
141 - LMBC NM3 - Held up by Magdalene NM2.
148 - ARU NM3 - Delayed in restarting after a crash at Chesterton by a crashed Jesus NM3.
212 - LMBC NM2 - Held up by a Girton NM2 crab.

Major obstructions (no time bonus awarded):
156 - St Mary's School - Held up by Pembroke NW1 from the combined boat houses to men's top finish.
163 - Downing NW1 - Held up by Magdalene NW1 from the combined boat houses to men's top finish.

Time Bonuses Awarded:
223 - LMBC NM4 - Held up by FaT NM4 - 10 second time bonus.

Time Penalties:
147 - ARU NM1 - Aggressive language from bank party instructing Jesus NM3 to move over for an overtake before men's top finish. Jesus took a wide line to allow the overtake after Chesterton, ARU did not steer tight enough, pushing Jesus wider and causing them to crash. Time penalty: 10 seconds.

Provisional Division Times

17 November 2011

I've had a lot of people asking, so here are the provisional division times for the Fairbairns Races. These are subject to change, depending on the number of entries we get in the various divisions, but they shouldn't move by much.

Note that the times below are starting times, not marshalling times. You will have to boat an appropriate amount of time before your division.

Thursday 1st (Novices):
09:15 - Men's Division 1
11:30 - Women's Division 1
14:00 - Men's/Women's Division 2

Friday 2nd (Seniors/Invitational):
09:30 - Men's VIIIs
12:00 - Women's VIIIs
14:15 - IVs

Policy on non-student rowers

4 November 2011

I've had several enquiries about whether members of college staff can row in the races. We will be adopting the standard CUCBC policy on this matter, where non 'bona-fide' students (see section 4 of the Rules and Regulations) are not allowed to row above a colleges' 2nd boat. This will apply to both senior and novice divisions.

Updated Rules for 2011

26 September 2011

There have been some changes to the 2011 Rules and regulations. Please find a complete copy here.

Notable changes are to rules 7a, 13e and 13f, and are marked in italics. All changes concern the allocation of time bonuses to crews that are held up by slower crews. In short, these changes mean that:

Crews that think they are significantly faster than the crew ahead of them should present evidence of it (e.g. previous race times) to the Fairbairns Secretary not later than 7 days before the race, and ask for a larger time gap between the crews. It is the responsibility of the faster crew to do this. Any boat that does not request an increased time gap and is held up will not be eligible for a time bonus.

Another significant change is that a crew that has been awarded a time bonus that puts them at the top of their division will not be eligible to win it. If their unadjusted time still places them at the top they will still win, but this is fairly unlikely, so it is very important that you ask for a larger time gap if you think you're fast.

Results and Awards Ceremony

19 January 2011

Results are now availiable. The awards ceremony will be at 5pm in Jesus College boat house.

Start Order

17 January 2011

The updated start order has now been published, any crew who submitted a scratching request by the 9th of January has been removed and will receive a full refund.

Crews wishing to have a gap longer than 30 seconds in front of or behind them must email with the subject "Gap" and an estimate of how much faster or slower they will be over the first 1.5km by the extended deadline of 12pm tomorrow (18/1).

Crews wishing to push off from hard should email with the subject "From Hard" by 12pm tomorrow (18/1).

Senior Fairbairns

31 December 2010

The senior Fairbairns divisions will now run on the 19th of January, details here.

Stuart Scott

Racing Abandoned

3 December 2010

As conditions have not substantially improved, we are forced to abandon the Fairbairn Cup Races. We make this decision due to the severe ice downstream of the P&E which is unlikely to improve. The senior races will be postponed until the beginning of the Lent Term, most likely on one day between the Monday and Wednesday before lectures start - this will let us have a meaningful competition with hopefully all competitors available. Full details will be confirmed ASAP. However, for anyone wishing to race, JCBC will be hosting a Tub Pair Regatta this afternoon on the upstream part of the river. Anyone who is keen to enter a crew should meet at Jesus Boathouse at 12:30 where we will work out a draw and final details based on the number of competitors.

Fours Races Cancelled

3 December 2010

Due to the river being frozen over downstream of the P&E, the fours races WILL NOT GO AHEAD. At present, please do not attempt to boat as it is unsafe due to ice around the boathouses. It is currently unclear as to whether VIIIs races will go ahead. If the situation does not improve they will also be cancelled, however with any luck the ice may thaw out a bit and the VIIIs races will run over a shortened course (most likely to Peter's Posts). Condidtions will be reassessed at 09:30-10:00 and a further e-mail will be sent out to confirm the status of later divisions.


2 December 2010

The results are now available.

In the novice men's division Jesus recorded the fastest time. However, Downing were severely impeded and as such it was not possible to estimate their time accurately. We believe they would have been in strong contention had the impediment not occurred.

We have therefore awarded a joint victory to both crews.

A number of other crews who were impeded less severely have had their times adjusted appropriately.

Stuart Scott
Fairbairns Secretary 2010

Friday's Racing

2 December 2010

Due to the probability of ice on the river tomorrow, we have taken the decision to swap the Senior IVs and Senior Men's VIIIs divisions (since if conditions do improve later in the day after being unrowable in the morning, it will be the more prestigious VIIIs competitions that will take place in favour of the IVs. As such, the race timetable for Friday will be: 09:30 Men's and Women's Senior IVs 11:30 Women's Senior VIIIs 13:45 Men's Senior VIIIs As usual, the top 10 crews in the division should marshal 30 minutes before the division start times shown above, and all other crews 20 minutes before. If racing is to go ahead, it is important that it runs smoothly. Please marshal on time and follow the instructions of all race officials. A decision will be made first thing in the morning as to whether the racing of each division will go ahead due to conditions. Announcements will be sent via e-mail before the marshalling time. A red flag will be flown outside Jesus Boathouse if it is unsafe to boat and the forthcoming division is to be cancelled.

Thursday's Racing

2 December 2010

Thursday's racing will go ahead at the scheduled times - crews should marshal as originally instructed. 09:15 Men's/Women's VIIIs (Division 2) 11:30: Women's Novice VIIIs (Division 1) 14:00: Men's Novice VIIIs (Division 1) Due to ice, racing will take place over a shortened course, to be determined, details of which will be given to crews by the marshals.

More Reminders

2 December 2010

Sorry for all the emails but there are a few important reminders:

  • It is likely to snow at any point tomorrow, all crews should have lights at all times
  • There will be a red flag outside Jesus College Boathouse if it is not safe to boat, in the event there is no flag crews should still proceed with caution
  • A decision regarding whether or not to go ahead with each division will be made at least 15 minutes before the marshalling time for each race and posted on the news here
  • Race numbers may be collected from Jesus College Boathouse after 8am

Also, please pass on the following advice regarding anyone who ends up in the water:

Bank parties should remember the imperative of getting out of the water as quickly as possible in the event of a capsize or ejector crab and are encouraged to carry their own throw lines and space blankets. Additional throw lines and space blankets will be stationed with the static umpires at 250m intervals along the course in addition to with the mobile umpires who also have radio contact with the medical emergency team and other umpires.

Regards Stuart

Schedule Change

1 December 2010

The river is currently frozen, as far upstream as in front of some of the boathouses, with temperatures forecast to remain low over the next two days. We are hence in a position where there is a strong possibility that the Fairbairns course may be unrowable and at least some divisions may have to be cancelled.

We will be monitoring the situation as it develops prior to making final decisions on the state of the course.

As a result of the extreme weather today, the poor forecast tonight and discussions with members of the JCBC and CUCBC committees at this stage we are making the following changes to racing.

As conditions often improve during the day and given we will also be be attempting to break up the ice in an attempt to increase the likelihood of the river clearing as the day progresses, we have made the decision to alter the schedule of racing tomorrow.

09:15 Men's and Women's Novice VIII's (Division 2)
11:30 Women's Novice VIII's (Division 1)
14:00 Men's Novice VIII's (Division 1)

The first 10 crews in each division must be downstream of the start (Jesus College Boathouse) 30 minutes prior to the division start time.

All other crews must arrive 20 minutes prior to the division start time.

This has been done to increase the likelihood that the top Novice crews are able to race.

We will email both the Fairbairns mailing list and the CUCBC contacts list with a decision about whether it is safe to row at least 15 minutes prior to the marshalling time for that division. Also, no crew should boat whilst a red flag is displayed outside Jesus College Boathouse.

Further, we are likely to make the same change for Friday (swap the men's VIIIs division with the IVs division) but will not make a final decision on this until tomorrow morning.

We hope that all crews are able to race at the new times but in the event that you have to scratch as a result of this change please email me with the subject "Scratching: Crew Name".

I must also reiterate that captains and coaches are responsible for ensuring:

  • All crews have plenty of warm and waterproof clothing stored in a waterproof compartment or bag within the boat
  • All coxes and coaches are aware of the symptoms of hypothermia - - and know that space blankets will be available, in emergencies only, from start marshals, finish marshals and senior umpires. These marshals will also be in contact with St Johns Ambulance.
  • All crews are bank partied (1-4 people, no loud hailers)
  • All bank parties are warned about the dangers of black ice
  • All crews have a bow ball, properly adjusted heel restraints and all coxes have a life jacket.

Stuart Scott
JCBC Fairbairns Secretary

Bank Parties

28 November 2010

Please note, bank parties are limited to 4 people per crew and may not carry loud hailers. Any crew found to be violating this rule will be instantly disqualified.

Start Order

21 November 2010

The Start Order for the Fairbairn Cup 2010 is now available.

The gap between crews will be 30 seconds. If you feel you are significantly faster than the crew in front please use the contact form (with subject "Gap") to request a longer gap.

Late entry and payment

15 November 2010

Update (21/11): No more entries will be accepted for Senior Women's VIIIs, Invitational VIIIs or IVs.

If you wish to enter additional crews after this Friday (19/11) or miss the payment deadline on Monday (22/11) then please refer to the following.

  • Late entries must be made via the contact form
  • Late entries must be received by Thursday 25th November
  • Late payments must be received by Sunday 28th November
  • There is a 20% surcharge for any entry received or paid after the normal deadlines (19/11 and 22/11)
  • Late entries may be refused if divisions become full prior to the late entry deadline

Changes for 2010

18 October 2010

Entries for the Fairbairn Cup 2010 will open on the 19th of October and close on the 19th of November. Please note the following:

  • Novice divisions will be on the 2nd of December and senior divsions on the 3rd.
  • The senior men's division will be raced at 09:30 this year, followed by the senior women's division. Invitational crews will race at the back of the women's division.
  • All entries must be made online by the 19th of November - offline entry will no longer be allowed.
  • The entry fee this year is £45 for an VIII and £35 for a IV.
  • All payments must be recieved by the 22nd of November.
  • The cox of any crew racing in a novice division (including invitational or time only crews) must attend the Clare Novices coxes' meeting.
  • No practice rows will be permitted after the river closes at 08:15 this year.

Senior Results Available

7 December 2009

The Results for Fridays Senior races are now available

Congratulations to the winning crews:

Fastest Men's Senior VIIIQueens'
Fastest Men's 2nd Senior VIIIFirst and Third II
Fastest Men's Invitational Senior VIIIPembroke (Oxford)
Fastest Women's Senior VIIIFirst and Third
Fastest Women's 2nd Senior VIIIEmmanuel II
Fastest Women's Invitational Senior VIIICaius
Fastest Men's Senior IV Peterhouse
Fastest Women's Senior IVFirst and Third
Fastest Men's Invitational Senior IVCantabrigian
Fastest Women's Invitational Senior IVCUWBC II

Novice Results Available

3 December 2009

The Results for Thursday's novice races are now available.

Congratulations to the winning crews, Fitzwilliam (fastest men's novice VIII), Jesus (fastest women's novice VIII), Emmanuel II (fastest men's 2nd novice VIII) and Christ's II (fastest women's 2nd novice VIII).

Start Order Published

29 November 2009

Now that entries have closed, the Start Order for the 2009 races is available.

Fairbairn Cup 2008 - Results

5 December 2008

The results of the Fairbairn Cup 2008 are now available. Congratulations to the winning crews.

Fastest Men’s Novice VIII Lady Margaret
Fastest Men’s 2nd Novice VIII Jesus II
Fastest Women’s Novice VIII Lady Margaret
Fastest Women’s 2nd Novice VIII Christ's II
Fastest Men's Senior VIIIFirst and Third Trinity
Fastest Men's 2nd Senior VIIILady Margaret II
Fastest Men's Invitational Senior VIIIBlack Prince
Fastest Women's Senior VIIIJesus
Fastest Women's 2nd Senior VIIISidney Sussex II
Fastest Women's Invitational Senior VIIIRobinson
Fastest Men's Senior IV First and Third Trinity
Fastest Women's Senior IVFirst and Third Trinity
Fastest Men's Invitational Senior IVCambridge '99
Fastest Women's Invitational Senior IVBlack Prince
Many thanks to all crews who competed this year.

Thursday Results Available

4 December 2008

The results from Thursday's novice races are now available.

Congratulations to the winners, Lady Margaret (Fastest Men's Novice VIII), Jesus II (Fastest Men's Novice 2nd VIII), Lady Margaret (Fastest Women's 2nd VIII), Christ's II (Fastest Women's Novice 2nd VIII).

Start Order Published

23 November 2008

The Start Order for the Fairbairn Cup 2008 is now available. If you feel you are significantly faster than the crew in front, please get in contact ASAP to request a longer gap than the standard 30 seconds. Likewise, please get in contact if there are any other problems.

Novice Coxes' Meeting

21 November 2008

A reminder that the cox (or an appropriate representative) of each novice crew competing in the Fairbairn Cup 2008 is expected to attend the Clare Novice Regatta Coxes' Meeting 21:30, Sunday 23rd November in the Great Hall at Clare College.

Entries Closed

20 November 2008

Entries for the Fairbairn Cup 2008 are now closed - thank you for all your enrties. If you have submitted an entry, you should log back in to the entry system to check that the details of your entry are correct (particularly that Invitational crews are entered as Invitational). If there are any problems, please get in contact.

Payment along with the signed confirmation form (available from the entry system) for entries must be received by Thursday 27th November.

Entries for the Fairbairn Cup 2008

31 October 2008

Entries for the Fairbairn Cup 2008 are now open.
Entries should be submitted via the online entry system. The deadline for entries is Thursday 20th November and confirmation forms and payment should be received by Thursday 27th November.

Fairbairn Cup 2008 - Information

25 September 2008

Updated information for the Fairbairn Cup Races 2008 is now available. All competitors should read through the Information section and be familiar with the updated Rules and Regulations. All competing coxes and bank parties of novice crews should read the Coxes' Notes (available in the Information section).

Please note in particular the earlier division times on Friday and the (new) requirement of all crews competing in the last division each day (or their bank parties) to carry lights in case they need to row home after lighting up (Rule 15.c).

Entries for Fairbairns 2008 will open within the first couple of weeks of the Michaelmas Term.

Results Available

30 November 2007

The Final Results from the Fairbairn Cup 2007 are now available.

The winning crews were:

Fastest Men’s Novice VIII Fitzwilliam
Fastest Men’s 2nd Novice VIII Lady Margaret II
Fastest Women’s Novice VIII Christ's
Fastest Women’s 2nd Novice VIII Selwyn II
Fastest Men's Senior VIIIFirst and Third Trinity
Fastest Men's 2nd Senior VIIIFirst and Third Trinity II
Fastest Men's Invitational Senior VIIIBlack Prince
Fastest Women's Senior VIIIChrist's
Fastest Women's 2nd Senior VIIIJesus II
Fastest Women's Invitational Senior VIIIFriends of Zambia
Fastest Men's Senior IV First and Third Trinity
Fastest Women's Senior IVEmmanuel
Fastest Men's Invitational Senior IVCity of Cambridge tied with Black Prince
Fastest Women's Invitational Senior IVBlack Prince

Congratulations to all crews who raced, particularly the winners!

Thursday Results Available

29 November 2007

The Results from Thursday's novice divisions are now available.

Start Order Published

20 November 2007

The Start Order is now available. Please check the start order carefully and notify me ASAP of any problems (jcbc-fairbairns(a)

Novice Coxes' Meeting

18 November 2007

A reminder that the cox (or suitable representative) of every novice crews is expected to attend the Clare Novice Regatta Coxes' Meeting, tonight, 21:30, Great Hall, Clare.
Important information about coxing Fairbairns will be given (the presentation is available in the Information section).

Entries Closed

16 November 2007

Entries for the Fairbairn Cup 2007 are now closed.
Thank you for all your entries. Please log back in to the online entry system to check your club's entry is correct and notify me of any problems ASAP.
The start order will published within the next few days - watch this space...
The deadline receipt of payment and confirmation forms is Thursday 22nd November.

Entries for the Fairbairn Cup 2007

24 October 2007

Entries for the Fairbairn Cup 2007 are now open!
This year we are introducing an online entry system. Click the Entries link on the left to get started.
The deadline for entries is Thursday 15th November.

Fairbairn Cup 2007 - Information

23 October 2007

The updated Rules and Regulations (including eligibility criteria), Coxes' Notes and Marshalling instructions are now online in the Information section. Please make sure you have read through these if you intend to enter.