Start Order

The Start Order does not reflect the exact order in which boats are expected to finish. If any captains do have any major concerns about where any of their crews are starting, please contact the Fairbairns Secretary who will consider altering the gap between boats as appropriate.

Division Times:

Men's Novice VIIIs - Division 1Thursday 30th November09:15
Women's Novice VIIIs - Division 1Thursday 30th November11:30
Novice VIIIs - Division 2Thursday 30th November14:00
Men's Senior VIIIsFriday 1st December09:30
Women's Senior VIIIs & Invitational VIIIsFriday 1st December12:00
Senior IVsFriday 1st December14:15

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 Invitational  Time Only

MEN'S NOVICE VIIIs - Division 1

 Race #Crew
1101First and Third Trinity (NM8+)
2102Jesus (NM8+)
3103Caius (NM8+)
4104Lady Margaret (NM8+)
5105Caius II (NM8+)
6106King's (NM8+)
7107Queen's (NM8+)
8108Fitzwilliam (NM8+)
9109First and Third Trinity II (NM8+)
10110Girton (NM8+)
11111Churchill (NM8+)
12112Downing (NM8+)
13113Robinson (NM8+)
14114Emmanuel (NM8+)
15115Clare (NM8+)
16116Queen's II (NM8+)
17117Jesus II (NM8+)
18118St Edmund's (NM8+)
19119Christ's II (NM8+)
20120Trinity Hall (NM8+)
21121St Catharine's (NM8+)
22122Clare II (NM8+)
23123Fitzwilliam II (NM8+)
24124Magdalene (NM8+)
25125Corpus Christi (NM8+)
26126Lady Margaret II (NM8+)
27127Lady Margaret III (NM8+)
28128First and Third Trinity III (NM8+)
29129Hughes Hall (NM8+)
30130Homerton (NM8+)
31131Emmanuel II (NM8+)
32132Wolfson (NM8+)
33133Caius III (NM8+)
34134Christ's (NM8+)
35135Peterhouse (NM8+)
36136Darwin (NM8+)
37137Wolfson II (NM8+)
38138Pembroke II (NM8+)
39139Selwyn (NM8+)
40140Sidney Sussex II (NW8+)


 Race #Crew
1151Jesus (NW8+)
2152First and Third Trinity (NW8+)
3153St Catharine's (NW8+)
4154Lady Margaret (NW8+)
5155Hughes Hall (NW8+)
6157Caius (NW8+)
7158Downing (NW8+)
8159Clare (NW8+)
9160Girton (NW8+)
10161Robinson (NW8+)
11162Queen's (NW8+)
12163Christ's (NW8+)
13164Wolfson (NW8+)
14165King's (NW8+)
15166Jesus II (NW8+)
16167Pembroke (NW8+)
17168Newnham (NW8+)
18169First and Third Trinity II (NW8+)
19170Magdalene (NW8+)
20171Trinity Hall (NW8+)
21172Murray Edwards (NW8+)
22173Lady Margaret II (NW8+)
23174Lady Margaret III (NW8+)
24175St Mary's (NW8+)
25176Peterhouse (NW8+)
26177Fitzwilliam (NW8+)
27178Corpus Christi (NW8+)
28179Murray Edwards II (NW8+)
29180Fitzwilliam II (NW8+)
30181St Mary's II (NW8+)
31183First and Third Trinity III (NW8+)
32184Newnham II (NW8+)
33185Darwin (NW8+)
34186St Edmund's (NW8+)
35187Sidney Sussex (NM8+)

NOVICE VIIIs - Division 2

 Race #Crew
1201Leys School Boat Club (NM8+)
2202Downing II (NM8+)
3203Pembroke (NM8+)
4204Trinity Hall II (NM8+)
5205Robinson II (NM8+)
6206Churchill II (NM8+)
7207Queen's III (NM8+)
8208Sidney Sussex II (NM8+)
9209Magdalene II (NM8+)
10210St Catharine's II (NM8+)
11211Jesus III (NM8+)
12214First and Third Trinity IV (NM8+)
13215King's II (NM8+)
14216Christ's III (NM8+)
15217Trinity Hall III (NM8+)
16218Wolfson III (NM8+)
17219Sidney Sussex III (NM8+)
18220Churchill III (NM8+)
19221Emmanuel (NW8+)
20222Sidney Sussex (NW8+)
21223Wolfson II (NW8+)
22224St Catharine's II (NW8+)
23225Magdalene II (NW8+)
24226Pembroke II (NW8+)
25227Homerton (NW8+)
26228Queen's II (NW8+)
27229Emmanuel II (NW8+)
28230Murray Edwards III (NW8+)
29231Newnham III (NW8+)
30232Queen's III (NW8+)
31234Leys School Boat Club M-I (SM4+)
32235Leys School Boat Club W-I (SW4+)


 Race #Crew
1251CULRC (SM8+)
2252Oriel (SM8+)
3253Downing (SM8+)
4254CULRC II (SM8+)
5255Cantabrigian (SM8+)
6256Jesus (SM8+)
7257Clare (SM8+)
8258Peterhouse (SM8+)
9259Christ's (SM8+)
10260St Catharine's (SM8+)
11261Lysander BC/Rob Roy BC (SM8+)
12262Caius (SM8+)
13263Jesus (OXF) (SM8+)
14264Trinity Hall (SM8+)
15265Robinson (SM8+)
16266First and Third Trinity (SM8+)
17267Pembroke (SM8+)
18268Fitzwilliam (SM8+)
19269Queen's (SM8+)
20270Emmanuel (SM8+)
21271Churchill (SM8+)
22272King's (SM8+)
23273Oriel II (SM8+)
24274Jesus II (SM8+)
25275First and Third Trinity II (SM8+)
26276Clare II (SM8+)
27277Wolfson (SM8+)
28278Darwin (SM8+)
29279St Edmund's (SM8+)
30280Homerton (SM8+)
31281Hughes Hall (SM8+)
32282Corpus Christi (SM8+)
33283St Catharine's II (SM8+)
34284Sidney Sussex (SM8+)
35285Churchill II (SM8+)
36286Emmanuel II (SM8+)
37287Queen's II (SM8+)
38288Christ's II (SM8+)
39289First and Third Trinity III (SM8+)
40290Jesus III (SM8+)
41291First and Third Trinity IV (SM8+)
42292King's II (SW8+)
43293Fitzwilliam II (SM8+)
44294Trinity Hall II (SM8+)
45295Cross Keys (SM8+)
46297Champion of the Thames (SM8+)
47298King's III (SW8+)
48299Trinity Hall III (SW8+)
49300Cross Keys (SW8+)


 Race #Crew
1301Legends BC (SM8+)
2302Clare III (SM8+)
3303Christ's III (SM8+)
4304Jesus IV (SM8+)
5305Black Prince (SM8+)
6306Cross Keys II (SM8+)
7307King's III (SM8+)
8308X-Press (SM8+)
9309Fitzwilliam III (SM8+)
10310Christ's IV (SM8+)
11311Cantabrigian (SW8+)
12312CUWBC (SW8+)
13313Clare (SW8+)
14314Downing (SW8+)
15315Newnham (SW8+)
16316Jesus (SW8+)
17317Queen's (SW8+)
18318Lucy Cavendish (SW8+)
19320Emmanuel (SW8+)
20321Caius (SW8+)
21322Lady Margaret (SW8+)
22323Trinity Hall (SW8+)
23324Black Prince (SW8+)
24325Christ's (SW8+)
25326Darwin (SW8+)
26327King's (SW8+)
27328Pembroke (SW8+)
28329Murray Edwards (SW8+)
29330Newnham II (SW8+)
30331Magdalene (SW8+)
31332Homerton (SW8+)
32333Clare II (SW8+)
33334St Catharine's II (SW8+)
34335Jesus II (SW8+)
35336Darwin II (SW8+)
36337Sidney Sussex (SW8+)
37338Downing II (SW8+)
38339Emmanuel II (SW8+)
39340King's II (SM8+)
40341Oriel (SW8+)
41342Pembroke II (SW8+)
42343Trinity Hall II (SW8+)
43344St Catharine's (SW8+)
44345First and Third Trinity (SW8+)
45346Cantabrigian II (SM8+)
46347Champion of the Thames (SW8+)
47348Leys School Boat Club (SW8+)
48349Christ's II (SW8+)
49350Christ's V (SM8+)


 Race #Crew
1401RowZambezi M-I (SM4+)
2402City of Cambridge M-I (SM4+)
3403Cantabrigian M-I (SM4+)
4404Magdalene M-I (SM4+)
5405Trinity Hall M-I (SM4+)
6406Lady Margaret M-I (SM4+)
7407Pembroke M-I (SM4+)
8408Downing M-I (SM4+)
9409Christ's M-I (SM4+)
10410Pembroke M-II (SM4+)
11411Magdalene M-II (SM4+)
12412Peterhouse M-I (SM4+)
13413St Edmund's M-I (SM4+)
14414Clare M-I (SM4+)
15415Merton (OXF) M-I (SM4+)
16416Trinity Hall M-II (SM4+)
17417St Anne's (Oxford) M-I (SM4+)
18418Somerville (OXF) M-I (SM4+)
19419Girton M-I (SM4+)
20420Anglia Ruskin M-I (SM4+)
21421Corpus Christi M-I (SM4+)
22422Selwyn M-I (SM4+)
23423Lord Protector (Sid Sus Alumni) M-I (SM4+)
24424The Mallory Club (Magdalene Alumni) M-I (SM4+)
25425Cantabrigian W-I (SW4+)
26426CUWBC W-I (SW4+)
27427Trinity Hall W-I (SW4+)
28428Newnham W-II (SW4+)
29429Somerville (OXF) W-I (SW4+)
30430Merton (OXF) W-I (SW4+)
31431First and Third Trinity W-I (SW4+)
32432Churchill W-I (SW4+)
33433Anglia Ruskin W-I (SW4+)
34434Corpus Christi W-I (SW4+)
35435First and Third Trinity W-II (SW4+)
36436Fitzwilliam W-I (SW4+)
37437Girton W-I (SW4+)
38438Murray Edwards W-I (SW4+)
39439Robinson W-I (SW4+)
40440St Catharine's W-I (SW4+)
41441Cantabrigian W-II (SW4+)
42442Newnham W-I (SW4+)
43443Peterhouse W-I (SW4+)
44444Jesus W-I (SW4+)
45445Lady Margaret W-I (SW4+)