The Boat Club Trust

CloistersThe Jesus College Boat Club Trust was set up in the early seventies to help support the club in the purchase of equipment. Since that time the club has benefited greatly from the generosity of former members, both financially and in terms of time commitments to the Trust. Without their effort, we would not be able to acquire the equipment we need to keep us pushing hard at the top of Cambridge College rowing.

In the last few years, the club has bought 2 Fillipi VIIIs, 3 Fillipi pairs and numerous ergos and blades, making the club arguably the best equipped in Cambridge. In addition, the trust funds a winter training camp in Spain where the top novices from the year are integrated with the first boat squads. The Trust, and hence the club, relies on the generosity of former members, many of whom themselves benefitted from such donations.

If you would like to have a real impact on the rapidly improving fortunes of the club, please contact the Development Office (, or complete the below Standing Order and Gift Aid form and return it to the address at the bottom of the form.

The Trustees

David Wootton - Chairman

David was captain of JCBC in 1971-72 and had the glory of presiding over aswell as competing in the crews that won all 4 major Cambridge events that season - University Fours, Fairbairn Cup and Head of both the Lent and May Bumps. In 1979 he became a partner at Allen & Overy. In 2009 he was elected a Sheriff of the City of London and is the Court of Aldermen’s candidate to be Lord Mayor of London in 2011/2012.

David Wooton

Chris McDouall - Treasurer

Chris read Engineering at Jesus, and went on to a career in industry including serving as Chief Executive and Chairman of a number of growth companies. He became a Trustee in 1990, subsequently becoming Treasurer, a post he continues to hold. Chris now lives in Cambridge.

Chris McDouall

Louise Couch (2004) - Secretary

Louise learnt to row at Jesus where she read English in her spare time. She was fortunate enough to be part of the 2007 headship crew and the Women's Captain and President from 2006-7. Upon graduating from college she worked for management consultancy Booz & Co in London. Louise is currently studying for an MBA at Harvard Business School in Boston. She was appointed to the JCBC Trust in 2010 as Secretary.

Louise Couch

Michael Waring

Michael has been a fellow in Biochemistry at Jesus College since 1965 and since 1999 has been Professor of Chemotherapy. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, particularly visiting New Zealand, and is an active flyer. He is also a church organist and choirmaster. Michael is the Senior Treasurer of the Boat Club.

Michael Waring

Ewan Pearson (1981)

Ewan began rowing at King's Canterbury in 1975 and was a GB junior rower in 1980. Ewan rowed for the Blue Boat three times between 1982 and 1984. He also won many sculling races for JCBC, including Bushe-Fox in 1982 and Colquhoun Sculls 1983 and 1984. He graduated in medical sciences in 1984.

As a member of the GB senior squad 1982-6 he won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in 1986 in the coxless pair. He also won the Goblets at Henley twice. He is now a Masters rower with Crabtree (2003-present). Having worked as a doctor, a schoolteacher (Westminster) and an investment banker (Deutsche, RBS, Calyon), Ewan now works in coaching presentation skills for business people. He is married with 3 sons.

Ewan Pearson

Richard Tett (1988)

Richard started rowing at Oundle School. After teaching in Kenya for a year he came to Jesus in 1988. As well as rowing in the 1st May VIII for four years he was secretary in 1989/90 and captain 1990/91. In his year as captain the club won University Light IVs and Fairbairn's. Richard also rowed for CULRC in 1992. He joined Freshfields in 1994 and is now a partner. Richard is married with two children, Isabelle and James.

Richard Tett

Sheena Cassidy (1997)

Sheena has been involved in rowing for around 14 years and has competed at a number of levels, from open women's VIIIs at Ghent to mixed doubles at Staines regatta. She was JCBC women's captain 1998-9.

Sheena has coached at JCBC since Lents 2003 and continues to coach at all levels in the club. She was appointed to the JCBC trust in 2006.

Sheena is currently based in London, where, aside from working as a barrister, she coaches intermediate men at Thames RC and sculls occasionally.

Sheena Cassidy

Lucy Murray, née Ficenec (1997)

Lucy was at Jesus from 1997 to 2000 reading Biological Natural Sciences. She learnt to row at school in Leeds, and then rowed throughout her time at Jesus with a half-blue in the Cambridge Women's Lightweights in the Henley Boat Races in 1999. Lucy was JCBC women's captain 1999-2000. Having spent a few years as a management consultant, she now works for AstraZeneca. She was appointed to the JCBC trust in 2006.

Lucy Murray

Jon Hutton (1975)

In the late 1970s Jon Hutton read Natural Sciences and learnt to row at Jesus. During his time at college he represented Cambridge in the Lightweight Boat Race (1977) and was captain of the JCBC (1978). After graduating, Jon moved to Zimbabwe where he studied crocodile ecology for his PhD before joining the wildlife department as Senior Ecologist. He rowed for Zimbabwe in the 1980s and was awarded National Colours when its touring ‘Sandawana’ crew won Gold at the British National Championships in 1989. After 25 years in Africa, Jon now lives in Cambridge where he coaches both club and university crews and rows in Masters events. He is a member of the Senior Committee of the Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club and was appointed a Trustee of the Jesus College Boat Club Trust in 2010. Jon is married with three daughters and in his ‘spare’ time he works for the United Nations as Director of the World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

Jon Hutton

David Reid (1991)

David started rowing at Jesus in 1991. 5 terms in the 1st VIII culminated in rowing over 2nd on the river in the 1994 1st Mays crew. Upon graduating he moved to Bedford and continued rowing, with forays back to Cambridge to coach whenever possible. A change of job saw him move south to Henley, where he joined Upper Thames RC. During Henley Royal Regatta he can occaisionally be heard on Regatta Radio.

David Reid

Matt Jones (2002)

Matt was a novice rower at Jesus in 2001, and was Captain from 2003-2004 during which time a back injury forced him to stop rowing and compensate by taking up coaching for the rest of his time at Jesus. After a stint working in Tanzania in 2005, he returned to the college to complete an MPhil degree, once more taking up coaching in between trips back to Africa for research. He now works in Cambridge in biodiversity conservation and lives in Ely with his wife Ali, a former Jesus 1st VIII cox. He still coaches for Jesus and a few town crews. Matt joined the trust in 2010. 

Matt Jones