Welcome to the Fairbairn Cup

The Fairbairn Cup is a head race organised by Jesus College Boat Club and raced on the Cam in the ninth week of the Michaelmas term. There are divisions for both novice and senior crews.

On this site you will find information about the races including marshalling instructions and the Rules and Regulations, as well as results and information regarding entries.

Welcome to the Fairbairn Cup 2018!

The Novice Regatta will be held on Thursday 29th November and the Senior Regatta on Friday 30th November.

This years results are now able to be viewed. Thank you to all crews for taking part!

For any questions or queries, please contact jcbc-fairbairns@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

Amir Akbari
JCBC Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2018

Provisional Results

29 November 2018

Provisional Results are able to be viewed here!

Weather Update Thursday Division 3:

29 November 2018

We aware of the stronger winds and will be assessing the course in 15 minutes time. Please do not marshal until the division has been confirmed

Weather Update

29 November 2018

I am writing to confirm that we are planning to go ahead with racing.

As mentioned in my previous email, please ensure that the novices have sufficient layers for marshalling before and after the race. The weather is forecast to be wet as well as windy particularly for the first division of the day.

If we see any crews during marshalling that look unable to complete the course safely we will have to pull them from the race. We envisage marshalling to be the most difficult as crews will be blown when stationary so ask that you brief your novice crews of the situation, reminding them to stay alert and focused.

During the day we will continue to assess the situation and racing will be stopped if it becomes dangerous to continue.

We wish all crews the best of luck with their races

Race Numbers and Photos

28 November 2018

RACE NUMBERS may be collected from Jesus Boathouse from 7:30 am on both Thursday and Friday!

We are also excited to announce images of the racing will be available to view at WEROW courtesy of @JLeephotrow.

See you all on the river tomorrow!

Novice Thursday Weather Forecast

27 November 2018

I am writing to inform you about our safety plan for Thursday, in case of high winds. The forecast predicts winds of about 15-20 mph from a southerly direction throughout the day.

Haven spoken to the JCBC Boatman, previous Fairbairn Secretaries and CUCBC, we think that winds of 15-20 mph are still row-able for most novice crews. However the standard of rowing is quite variable between colleges/crews. Therefore, we ask that each club risk assesses its own novice crews and their ability and decides for itself whether they are sufficiently competent to deal with the conditions forecast. If during marshalling we observe any crews clearly struggling to cope with the conditions, we will pull them from racing. This is not something we want to do so please make sure your coxes and crews are well prepared for the race and are safe and alert during racing. If conditions worsen throughout the day, I will be in contact with all marshals to let crews know of any cancellations.

We will be giving all crews increased time gaps to try and avoid any situations with overtaking and increasing the number of marshals along the course. We advice crews taking part to have adequate (reasonably windproof) layers to marshal in, both before and after the race. We also want to reiterate that each novice crew must have at least one person to bank party and to help assist the crew when marshalling.

There will be an assessment of the forecast on Wednesday afternoon and then, if needed, an inspection of the full course on Thursday morning before crews boat. All updates will be posted on the website, by email and on the Facebook group. In the event of any cancellation, the novice races will be rescheduled for the start of next term. The senior races will go ahead as planned on Friday.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by email.

Start Order Released

18 November 2018

This years start order is now available to view!

If you would like to request a change to your start position or a larger time gap please fill in this form: Start Order Request

A reminder of division times

Thursday 29th November:

09:15 Men’s Novice VIIIs

11:30 Women's Novice VIIIs

14:00 Men's/Women's Novice VIIIs (Lower Boats)

Friday 30th November:

09:30 Men’s VIIIs and Invitational VIIIs

12:00 Women's VIIIs and Invitational VIIIs

14:15 Senior/Invitational IVs

Novice Coxes Meeting

16 November 2018

Novice Coxes meeting will be held on Sunday 18th November in Clare College (Riley Auditorium) at 19:30 and will follow on from the Clare Novices meeting.

All novice coxes must attend. If you are unable to, please contact jcbc-fairbairns@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

Entries Closing Soon!

9 November 2018

There is only one week left to enter this years Fairbairn Cup!

Individual shields will be awarded as prizes to all winners in both the Women's and Men's divisions of all the following categories: Senior 1st VIII+, Senior 2nd VIII+, Invitational VIII+, Novice 1st VIII+, Novice 2nd VIII+, Senior 1st IV+, Invitational IV+.

We also have an additional small prize for the fastest Women's and Men's Alumni VIII crews, so please encourage your colleges to get some boats together!

Entry fees are £62 for an VIII and £37 for a IV. The entry deadline is Friday 16th November, and payment deadline Friday 23rd November.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at jcbc-fairbairns@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

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